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Vitto - universal transformer sofa, whose design easily allows you to independently change the corner product on a straight sofa and vice versa. The mechanism of layout "Eurobook" without special efforts turns the product into a spacious double bed, and capacious linen boxes will help accommodate a lot of items. Also in the sofa there are niches in the armrests that create an extra space for things, as well as practical laminated pads with which the arms are easy to keep clean.



- length: 260 cm
- sofa depth: 101 cm
- chaise longue: 155 cm
- height: 90 cm
- landing depth: 55 cm

Sleeping area

- 200 х 150 cm
- mechanism - "Eurobook"


- birch plywood
- hard wood species
- laminated chipboard


-oak tree
- rubber rollers
- shockproof plastic


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