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Optimus - a compact product in the Art Nouveau style with a mass of positive characteristics. Due to its relatively small dimensions it is easy to place in almost any room, but the product has a huge sleeping area in its arsenal. A few couches can boast of such advantages. This is achieved due to the symbiosis of the "turning" mechanism and the falling back, which in fact is a masterpiece of design thought. Addition to practical advantages include the presence of three niches for clothes and an original table, which appears in a sleeping form. The final elements of the image of modern design are practical laminated lining, ties on the seat and chrome decor.



- length: 232 cm
- sofa depth: 105 cm
- chaise longue: 160 cm
- height: 85 cm
- landing depth: 60 cm

Sleeping area

- 200 х 160 cm
- mechanism - "Eurobook" + "Turning"


- birch plywood
- hard wood species
- laminated chipboard


- rubber rollers
- shockproof plastic


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