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Mario - furniture with a sophisticated design. This sofa is a vivid example of a combination A classic European form with a touch of Italian charm. Curved armrests with edging, snug-buttons on the seat and cushions - all these elements create an unusual image and original style. This product will appeal to all who appreciate the combination of elegance and functionality. Thanks to the "Eurobook" transformation mechanism, the sofa has a huge box for laundry and easily decomposes into a spacious bed. Mario will perfectly fit in various interior styles such as classic, Art Nouveau or Provence. You only need to order a sofa with a suitable version of the upholstery. It can be a monophonic fabric or a material of bright saturated color.



- length: 255 cm
- sofa depth: 190 cm
- height: 85 cm
- landing depth: 55 cm

Sleeping area

- 210 х 165 cm
- mechanism - "Eurobook"


- birch plywood
- hard wood species
- laminated chipboard


- rubber rollers
- shockproof plastic


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